We create strategies and advertising for Saturday Brands—the kinds of  brands you seek out on Saturday, the day of the week when you do what you love most.


Saturday, the day, is when you do what you’re passionate about. Saturday, the agency, is about creating passion around brands, and creating advertising and experiences that people truly enjoy interacting with. Simple as that.


Brand Strategy & Identity Development
Website & Development
Digital Marketing
Social Strategy & Management
Public Relations
Media Planning, Placement, & Stewardship


Creative Innovation

We’re always looking for creative solutions to our clients’ problems. That means we craft amazing, inspiring, and award-winning work™ but it also means we push the envelope and suggest unexpected creative approaches and strategies as well.

Digital Strategy & Design

Our team creates amazing website experiences for audiences and clients alike, formulates truly awesome social strategies, builds thoughtful and highly effective lead gen campaigns, and then designs digital journeys, ads, and posts that inspire people (and inspire them to act.)

Insights Development

Data and research are only as good as the insights you pull from them. We have a level of tenacity, sleuthing and creativity that come together in a way that draws actionable insights from research and data. We really get to know our clients and their businesses (including operations) so that we can find opportunities, sometimes in places no one looked before. We get to know audiences and truly understand what motivates them. And we stay latched on—we keep looking for insights that might impact our campaigns, or even our clients’ businesses, before, during, and even after a project ends.

Audience Intelligence
& Community Building

In addition to a deeper level of insights gathering about audiences, we have years of experience testing messaging, discovering nuances and finding new opportunities with audiences so that we can build more successful campaigns and inform future work. We’ve also been able to attract like-minded audiences with our findings and build and/or cultivate communities that enjoy passionate followings, thanks to our work.


Theckla Pope
President, Director of accounts , Partner>>
James Ward
ChiEf Creative Officer,
Nick Fry
Head of Digital >>
James Ward
Executive Creative Director
Kyle Toukatly
Graphic Designer
Laurinda Schenck
Operations Director
Esme Market
Director of Finance
Theckla Sterrett
Theckla Pope
director of accounts and strategic planning
James Ward
Executive Creative Director
Tim Dillingham
Creative Director
Nick Fry
Director of digital creative and strategy
Katie Leaf
Senior Account Supervisor
Tracy Fitzgerald
Director of Project Management
Kyle Toukatly
Graphic Designer
Wils Glade
Graphic Designer
Laurinda Schenck
Senior Account Executive
Charity Holloway
Account Executive
Lauren Supron
Junior Copywriter
Esme Market
Office Manager
Theckla Sterret
Esme Market
Director Of Finance >>
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Associate creative Director
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Account Director